Saturday, 30 October 2010

Pray For Indonesia

Deep condolences for Merapi eruption victims and also Tsunami at Mentawai victims. Indonesia is just like crying for this situation. And flood in Jakarta also make us more sad. You know there are more than 400 people die because of Tsunami at Mentawai even 200 and more people are still missing, and 33 people die because of the eruption. And the volcano is increasing its activity. Oh God is this circumstances could make Indonesians better than before? Can Indonesians be strong to face this situation? Well people in the world, all of the victims really need our help. Please spread this news to everyone you know. even when you only just tell people about this you can help them, because it will open a way that the people whom you've been told help them directly.

Pray for Indonesia. Be strong Indonesia.

Monday, 25 October 2010

A girl doesn't need anyone who doesn't need her

Marilyn Monroe

If you fail ...

When I did my General Psychology midterm test this afternoon, I feel like i was being a doomed person, to be honest, I barely can not do the test even though I've already studied for whole week to understand the materials. I don't know why I can't love study history, it's so damn boring for me. But I really afraid if I fail in this subject. I really don't wanna repeat this anymore next year. A BIG NO. Well I was really frightened that time, it was like I'd rather run away from this test and just do the make up test, but 'I have a dream' song was just suddenly passed my head. I remember the lyrics "you can take the future, even if you fail" And it was woken me up, and made me realized that you must avoid failure, but you don't have to afraid of it, because you can still have a future if you can face the failure.

One of reasons why I love EF Homestay

I joined EF Homestay for two times and I'm looking forward to join it for three more times next summer. Besides many reasons why I really love EF homestay, one thing that I love is EF Homestay makes me published in some medias. On February, Hai magazine interviewed me and published my story about my trip. And now, I got a task again from Mba Manda (EFLT people should know this lady because her big eyes, and I love it) to make an article about my last trip. And I made it, and gave it to Mba Manda, and there isn't any news about it. But my friends just mention me on twitter that she came to Prambors website, and she saw me! lol. Also wanna see my work? check this site out

Saturday, 23 October 2010

The important thing is not to stop questioning, curiousity has its own reason for existing

Albert Einstein

Thursday, 21 October 2010

do shop heal your mind?

when I went to one of shopping center in Jakarta this evening, I saw a quotes which written on the wall said "Shopping is much cheaper than psychiatrist" well, I forget the name who said that, but sorry to say, I kinda don't agree with that quotes. In my opinion, shopping can make you having fun, but, is shopping can give you a solution if you have a problem? I think shopping too much just make another problem, is it?

Time shop? Please?

helloooo, do you now where I can buy time? no, not a watch or clock. I need time. Like I wanna expand a day for 30 hours a day? please? Aaaa, I really don't know how to make all of times I have will be used properly for my activity. I've just realized that time is very valuable for human being. I need a time for cuddling with my family, hanging out with friends and also for spent with my self, only with my self, no assignments, no stressful-book, and no home works. Feels like I really wanna have holiday as much as I want. Aaaargh, summer time, please come fasteeeeer.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

University Things

Eeergh, university stuffs are really killing me. But i don't know why I still love to do all of that except the class and the assignments, lol. All I love is just hanging out with my friends, do organizations thing and so on. Am I wrong? Well, High GPA is just one of my target in university, the other things are friends, partners, hobbies, and also husband. lol. Some of my friends who are study oriented people mostly get a high score and do their tasks well. But I'm wondering how can they do that without boredom at all? How about me? Just an hour in the class can make me fall asleep. sorry for this honesty, but that's the truth. If i can't do my tasks, I'm gonna yell loudly and freaking out. Well, so far, I'm trying to handle it, but I still can't get it. Therefore I hope it will be happened only for the first time of my university live. I hope I can be struggle to make all of the university thing as my habit. Anyone wanna help me through?

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Back To Jungle LOL

Hello Yellow Mates,
well, it has been forever I think I haven't write anything here. Hmmm, I'm just kinda busy here with all of college stuffs. It's kinda killing me softly with the assignments and also tests. Therefore I won't write here as many as days before. But I'm trying to write as many as I can, even though it's just a lil note. Well, better than nothing rite?

Friday, 4 June 2010


hello mates, how are ya?
well, it's just like yesterday when i posted about my high school life. but time flew, and believe it or not, it's already the time to say goodbye. On 25th-27th of May, we went to Bali. Ya, I know, it's just three days, but means forever for us :( And here i wanna share what we through that three days, and i'm gonna use my mothertongue language to tell the story

25 mei 2010

Sekitar jam 3.30, kita udah ngumpul di sekolah. well, itu pagi banget yaaa, matahari aja belom muncul, tapi saking semangatnya kita buat liburan, jadi nggak dikit loh dari kita yang tepat waktu. ya walaupun adalah segelintir anak yang ngaretnya keterlaluan sampe bikin emosi. dan sekitar jam 4.30, kita jalan ke bandara soekarno hatta, dan sholat subuh dulu di bandara (Al-Azhar gitu loh). dan pesawat pun udah boarding sekitar jam 6.30. dan kita pun langsung masuk ke pesawat, tapi ternyata ada something went wrong di boarding gate yang nyebabin pa Arif sama Bu Lasmi ga jadi ikut. well, gue juga ga tau pasti sih kenapa, yang jelas itu ngebuat agak bete dan perihatin juga, secara kenapa harus pa Arif sih yang ga jadi ikut? kenapa ga guru lain? sese, wkwkwk.

oke, setelah sampe bandara ngurah rai, kita langsung makan siang menuju Madania restaurant yang katanya Muslim restaurant, wkwk. Abis itu kita ke GWK, GWK itu tempat patung gt, yang konon katanya, ntar bakalan jadi the highest statue in the world loh. wihiii, keren yaaaa. Terus, abis dari GWK, kita ke Uluwatu. Uluwatu itu pura gt, tapi banyak monyetnya. dan monyetnya itu suka mencuri kaya sniper (canda), sampe2 kacamatanya Danar kena deh tuh keambil dan dengan suksesnya dibengkokin sama si monyet. Abis dari uluwatu, it's time for dinnaaaah, kita makan malem di Jimbaran. weeeeh, pas nyampe jimbaran, langsung deh pada norak ngeliat pantai. wkwkw. gue juga norak sih sbnrnya. haha. Abis dari jimbaran, langsung istirahat di hotel.

26 May 2010

okee, hari keduaaaa. di hari kedua, first destinationnya itu ke toko kacang gitu, abis itu ke Toko Batik Galuh. Abis itu having lunch di Kintamani. Dari kintamani, kita belanja lagi di sukawati. kayanya sih theme for that day was shopping a lot. oiya, i have something to tell you when you shop at sukowati market. kalo gue saranin, jangan sekali sekali lo masang tampang muka niat mau beli ke penjualnya, kalo ga, lo bakal hmm, bisa dibilang dipaksa buat beli itu barang jualannya. yang kedua, kalo ke pasar sukawati mending ga usah nyampe masuk2 ke dalem gitu. semakin masuk ke dalem, semakin 'ganas' penjualnya. bbbzzzz.

Abis dari pasar Sukawati, kita punya acara di cruise gitu. seruuuuuu, makan malem sambil liatin sunset, ada games2nya sampe ada sexy dancernyaa!! hahaha. Al-Azhar gitu looooh, wkwk.

27 May 2010

hhhh, time to packing deh, hari ini abis makan pagi, kita langsung check out dari hotel, tapiiiii, kita ke Tanjung Benoa, mau WATER SPOOOORT!! gue disana nyobain flying fish sama banana boat, dan berkat kedua permainan itu lah, saya kehilangan suara saya untuk sementara pemirsa. di Tanjung Benoa banyak banget water sport yang ada, gue aja sampe ga inget namanya. haha. tapi selain flying fish sama banana boat ada hogs yang lain yang diving juga. katanya bagus banget loooh.

Abis dari tanjung benoa, kita makan siang di jakresto, mungkin ini punya nya salah satu the jakmania sese. Abis itu ke Tanah Lot. Nah, karena gue gendut dan mager ditambah ngantuk, jadi gue ga turun pas di tanah lot, gue cuma tidur di bus. wkwk. Tanah lot itu sbnrnya pura yang ada di tengah laut gitu. kalo airnya lagi surut, kita bisa ke pura nya. tapi kalo lg pasang air lautnya, bisa juga sih, tapi berenang. canda.

dan tanah lot pun menjadi destination terakhir kita. huhu. dan kita pun pulang dengan pesawat GA 725 yang sempet di delay 45 menit. zzzzzzzz.

Well, this is our three days journey, but means forever to us. Well, i'm not ready to say goodbye to all of you wildhogs, so, i won't say lots of things in this post.

And this is the documentary when we were there

Here is the evidence that Mr. Arif should be with us



Sexy dancers on the stage-cruise time

banana boat :)

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

bacalah curhatku :)

hello mates :)
apa kabra kadabra? well, i'm not good here. exhausted lebih tepatnya.
Ga kerasa banget udah tinggal sebulan lagi menuju UN!! dan gue akuin persiapan gue baru dikiiiiit banget. mungkin saking sedikitnya sampe ga keliatan. maka dari itu gue ngerasa exhausted banget. gue harus nguasain tuh 6 pelajaran yang iyeeewh banget (baca:Matematika,Fisika,Kimia,biologi, bahasa indonesia,bahasa inggris) dalam waktu kurang dari sebulan. nih ya, gue itu sekolah dari jam setengah tujuh pagi sampe jam setengah tiga, terus biasanya ada klinis (tambahan di sekolah) sampe jam 4, napas dulu sejam, abis itu jam 5 sampe jam setengah delapan gue bimbel. dan ditambah macetnya jalan ibukota, gue baru nyampe rumah sekitar jam setengah sembilan. dan itu rutin setiap hari kecuali hari rabu!! waaaaa, gilaaa! oke, mungkin gue bukan satu satu nya orang di dunia ini yang ngalamin kaya gitu. pasti masih banyak third grader-third grader lainnya yang mungkin malahan lebih cape dari gue. tapi teteeeeeep. CAPEEEEE!!

well, mungkin gue HARUS bisa lebih bersyukur, karena seenggaknya gue cuma fokus sama satu hal, UAN. coba third grader yang lain, mereka masih ada satu beban pikiran lagi, yaitu "gue ntar kuliah dimana?". ya, Alhamdulillah banget sih nih gara-gara gue udah dapet PMDK UI, jadi beban gue agak berkurang. Hmmm, mungkin orang mikir gue pasti seneng banget gue dapet PMDK UI-Psikologi, yes I am! i am happy and also proud of it, buuuut, i don't know, it's seems something makes me feel not so proud of it. Ya as you know, gue dari dulu pengen banget study overseas. nih, gue aja masuk ipa itu karena gue tau kalo gue mau ngambil psychology di luar itu based nya harus science. so, i took science class. but, in the middle of my way, my mom just told me her disagreement, she doesn't let me to study overseas, and absolutely it made me soooo upset. as the time flow, gue udah bisa nerima keputusan nyokap gue buat ga kuliah di luar negri. dan gue mulai bermimpi buat masuk UI, UGM, Unpad etc. awalnya buat gue itu agak impossible gue bisa masuk PTN-PTN itu, ya you know lah ya yang mau masuk situ kan dari sabang sampe merauke. dan di awal-awal desember gitu, sekolah gue dapet formulir PMDK yang notabene cuma dua biji dan itu buat anak ipa doang. dan awalnya cuma ada satu calon yang directly dicalonin sama wali kelas gue, Imelda Mariana. dan pas imel cerita ke gue dia lagi ngisi formulir pmdk, gue pun langsung MUPENG. And one day after, she told me a sneak peek, kalo gue termasuk 5 orang yg dicalonin buat dapetin formulir yang satu lagi, jadi calonnya itu gue, Dhilla, Agung, Alaika, Syafira. dari 5 orang itu rata-rata rapotnya diadu satu sama lain siapa yg paling tinggi dan jujur gue deg deg an banget nungguin tuh pengumuman. and finally gue yg dapet formulirnya. dari situ gue langsung capcus pilih psikologi terus langsung buru-buru lengkapin syarat-syaratnya terus langsung dikirim ke UI nya. dan pengumumannya itu tanggal 16 Januari 2010. padahal waktu itu baru sekitar awal desember 2009.

disela sela pengumuman itu, tanggal 20 des'09 sampe tanggal 6 jan'10 gue pergi ke LA buat homestay. pulang dari LA nyokap nanyain gimana gue disana, betah apa nggak, gitu-gitu lah. dan satu kalimat yg keluar dari nyokap gue dan bikin gue amazed banget itu, nyokap ngomong kaya gini "vi, kalo misalnya pmdk UI nya ga keterima, via kuliah di US aja, di USF kaya rencana awal waktu itu" BANG! tau gitu dari dulu aja maaa, via kan ga usah daftar pmdk segala kalo kaya gini. gue PENGEN BANGET kuliah di luar! oke, to be honest, waktu itu sempet hati kecil gue berharap gue ga keterima pmdk UI, trs gara-gara itu gue kuliah diluar. tapi, pas 16 Januari 2010, gue dapet bbm dari imel trs dikirim picture gt yg dari capture it, tulisannya SELAMAT ANDA DITERIMA DI UNIVERSITAS INDONESIA Nama : Alvia Anjani Fakultas: Psikologi. saat itu juga gue NANGIS, nangis seneng, tapi sejujurnya nangis sedih juga, kalo i have to face the truth that i won't study overseas. the fact that, gue GA BOLEH ga ambil pmdk ini atau sekolah gue bakal di black list sama UI and it means ade kelas gue ga bakal dapet formulir PMDK satu pun. so, i MUST stay here. and it's a MUST!! well, mungkin gue bisa aja ga ngambil dan ngebiarin sekolah gue di black list, tapi gue juga ga akan se-egois itu.

ya, mungkin kalo lo baca ini lo ngerasa kesel sama gue gara-gara lo pikir gue ga bersyukur atas apa yang udah gue dapet. i know, and it's totally normal. gue juga mikir kok sebenernya kenapa gue bisa masih mikir kaya gini. tapi please lo harus coba liat sesuatu jangan dari lo doang, lo juga harus coba liat dari kacamata orang lain. dan itu yang gue alamin saat ini. dan jujur, udah sebulan lebih pengumuman nya, tapi masih ga tau gue harus seneng apa masih tetep kecewa. tapi tetep kok, gue bersyukur banget sama apa yg udah gue dapetin. believe me :) apa lagi setelah temen-temen gue ngasih advice buat gue. yaa, walaupun keinginan buat kuliah di luar negri masih nemplok banget nih di gue. soalnya gue tau ini pasti yang terbaik buat gue :') ;')

Sunday, 7 February 2010

EF reunion

Hello Fellas,
this time I'm gonna tell you one of the best part of my life. I've never forget say thank to the Almighty God who gives me a lot of happiness. He makes me surrounded by tons of amazing people who always makes me smile.

And last night, I attend EF Reunion at Kartika Chandra Hotel and meet me fellas there. It began on 5p.m. onwards, and I really love this moment because it cheer my satnite up! Well, I won't talk too much in this time, I'm gonna share some photos. Check this out!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

City Of Angels

Hello mates, finally i'm home! after i went to Los Angeles, CA and got a lot of new friends, a new second family. a tons of experiences and also a million photos. lol! well, actually there are too much stories that i wanna share, but i really confuse how to tell all of it to you, may be i just can give you some photos that taken during this program. i hope it will be useful for you. check it out!
(transit at Taipei) (16 hours flight)(pismo beach, Arroyo Grande)(lunch time at school)(activity in the class)(school bus)(The Francks Family)(the teenagers)(farewell party)(new years eve)(madame tussauds)(Jim Carrey (Y)(Hammer Limousin Tour)(get sparkling apple)(universal studios)(one of the scene in war of the world)(dinner at Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood) (it's really hard to say goodbye)