Saturday, 30 October 2010

Pray For Indonesia

Deep condolences for Merapi eruption victims and also Tsunami at Mentawai victims. Indonesia is just like crying for this situation. And flood in Jakarta also make us more sad. You know there are more than 400 people die because of Tsunami at Mentawai even 200 and more people are still missing, and 33 people die because of the eruption. And the volcano is increasing its activity. Oh God is this circumstances could make Indonesians better than before? Can Indonesians be strong to face this situation? Well people in the world, all of the victims really need our help. Please spread this news to everyone you know. even when you only just tell people about this you can help them, because it will open a way that the people whom you've been told help them directly.

Pray for Indonesia. Be strong Indonesia.

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