Wednesday, 20 October 2010

University Things

Eeergh, university stuffs are really killing me. But i don't know why I still love to do all of that except the class and the assignments, lol. All I love is just hanging out with my friends, do organizations thing and so on. Am I wrong? Well, High GPA is just one of my target in university, the other things are friends, partners, hobbies, and also husband. lol. Some of my friends who are study oriented people mostly get a high score and do their tasks well. But I'm wondering how can they do that without boredom at all? How about me? Just an hour in the class can make me fall asleep. sorry for this honesty, but that's the truth. If i can't do my tasks, I'm gonna yell loudly and freaking out. Well, so far, I'm trying to handle it, but I still can't get it. Therefore I hope it will be happened only for the first time of my university live. I hope I can be struggle to make all of the university thing as my habit. Anyone wanna help me through?

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