Wednesday, 6 May 2009

English Debate Competition

Saturday, 2nd of May 2009, it was an exhausting day for me, and also a great day actually. This day, i joined IRC English Debate Competition with my beloved friends, Ivan Bintang Pratama and Fadhillah Falaah. We prepared for the D-day extremely just for 2 days. And badly, My teachers and my friends chose me to be the spokesperson. It was really unbelievable for me, because I've never been joined debate competition before. Our topic for the D-day was "we have to kick the old cars from the streets". We looking for the material and practiced it quickly, because there was no too much time to do that actually.

On the D-day, we should have to come at 7 a.m. at school. and while we were waiting for Miss Dwi, we prepared our perform for the semi-final and also wished that we could go through till Final round. The Competition was located at La Piazza Mall Kelapa Gading and luckily it is sooo near from our school. And we went there by school bus.

When we arrived, there was already lot of people, and actually the registration hasn't opened yet. and while waiting the registration opened, we were practicing a lot. and just before the competition began, we prayed to Allah The Almighty God and wished we can do the best on the stage. And after that the comitee told us that it was already the time of case building for 10 minutes. and after ten munites wa passing, the host called our names one by one. And my heart started to beating. While I was on the stage as the spokesperson, my hand was shaking a lot, and after we get off from the stage, my hand was still shaking eventhough my teacher and my friends said that our perform was good. Because we thought there was long time to know the result for the semi-final, we went around Mall Kelapa Gading, had breakfast (even it's already 10 a.m.).

While I enjoyed my breakfast, Ivan phoned me that we have to back to the location because we have to do the semi final round! And the topic for our semi-final was "Technology on biophore should be distributed on government budgets" and our competitor was Fonsvitae Senior High School (I'm sorry if there was a mistake for the name). It was crazy! because we haven't know the materials yet. we've just used ore knowledge. And, after we finished that crazy round, and we've just get off from the stage, we had been told that we have to do the FINAL ROUND! and it's soooooo crazy. And this case we are the negative team from the argument " we sholud boycott bali as tourism spot to protect its tortoise" (the topic is so riddiculous, isn't it?) and our competitor was SMAK 3 BPK Penabur. And it was made me wanna scream as loud as I can.

And The Result is we are the second champion of this competition. We haven't dreamt about it actually. It was our first time to join English Debate Competition. And wanna say thanks to everyone who always supports us. Thanks a bunch!