Monday, 25 October 2010

If you fail ...

When I did my General Psychology midterm test this afternoon, I feel like i was being a doomed person, to be honest, I barely can not do the test even though I've already studied for whole week to understand the materials. I don't know why I can't love study history, it's so damn boring for me. But I really afraid if I fail in this subject. I really don't wanna repeat this anymore next year. A BIG NO. Well I was really frightened that time, it was like I'd rather run away from this test and just do the make up test, but 'I have a dream' song was just suddenly passed my head. I remember the lyrics "you can take the future, even if you fail" And it was woken me up, and made me realized that you must avoid failure, but you don't have to afraid of it, because you can still have a future if you can face the failure.

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