Sunday, 10 January 2010

City Of Angels

Hello mates, finally i'm home! after i went to Los Angeles, CA and got a lot of new friends, a new second family. a tons of experiences and also a million photos. lol! well, actually there are too much stories that i wanna share, but i really confuse how to tell all of it to you, may be i just can give you some photos that taken during this program. i hope it will be useful for you. check it out!
(transit at Taipei) (16 hours flight)(pismo beach, Arroyo Grande)(lunch time at school)(activity in the class)(school bus)(The Francks Family)(the teenagers)(farewell party)(new years eve)(madame tussauds)(Jim Carrey (Y)(Hammer Limousin Tour)(get sparkling apple)(universal studios)(one of the scene in war of the world)(dinner at Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood) (it's really hard to say goodbye)