Monday, 29 June 2009


Dear mates, how is your summer time? have you enjoy it already? hope all the best for your summer time mates. :) Do you wanna know my summer time this year? it's totally UNPERFECT, (well, i can say it like that) anyway, i'm still saying thanks to the almighty god, that he still gives me a holiday.

Well, in this time actually I should have been in California. I should have joined STUDENTS CULTURAL EXCHANGE, but I cancelled this program for my self 3 hours before the plane take off. It was because of Dengue Fever (it is an illness which makes you got a high fever and makes your trombosite decreasing, and it's sucks). i have to check my blood every morning and make sure the trombosite is not getting down anymore.

I've already dreamt about my great summer at California. and one thing that i can't stand for is I made my host family at California disappointed. we replied email each other since 2 weeks ago. And as I knew they were just like freaking out to having me at their house. but this illness ruined everything. and I've already bought unique souvenirs for them. This is Anna , she is the oldest daughter in their family, and this is Sara , she is the one who wear green hoodie. and they have got one brother and one little sister named luke and Lisa. and i know that we can be best friends even though i haven't meet them yet. :((