Thursday, 16 April 2009

Disney On Ice Princess Wishes

Disney On Ice Princess Wishes

Yesterday, 15th of April 2009, me and my friends, izana and fadhillah watched Disney On Ice Princess Wishes at Istora Senayan. We came a lil' bit late, because when we arrived there, the gate has alreadt opened. And it has already full of people. Honestly, we felt a lil' bit odds, because it was children everywhere. And the fact that we are teenagers. Haha. But we wasn't ashamed ofcourse. Disney On Ice is for all people right?

The show began at 6.30 p.m. and it opened by Tinker Bell. She is very beauty and cheerful skater. I think all of the ice skater behaved like that. They are very proffesional ice skater. And the first story was jasmine and Aladin, and Aladin is sooo handsome, hehehe. After all the story, the music, the lighting, the ice skater was sooo amazing. you'll be regret it if you don't watch it. Trust me.

And about the souvenirs. that's all very cute. i bought the Tiara, and the Belle's pen. it's so cute even it's a lil' bit expensive.

That's all about Disney On Ice Princess Wishes from me.

Cheers :)