Thursday, 3 December 2009

Absolutely task!

hellooooo mates, how you've been doing? long time no see :) :)

well mates, i have been missing from blog since 2 months ago, is it? then i'm back now! lol! in this weeks, there are some phenomenon were happened colouring my life, but it will be followed by a questions and the answer is ABSOLUTELY, for the other blogger, if you wanna do this task, you can copy or just do it on your blog, check it out!

suicidal in a shopping town? Freaky? ABSOLUTELY!

Bassist of U2, Adam Clayton was wearing BATIK when he performed at Boston, is it a pride? ABSOLUTELY!

Can't wait for another EF Language Travel? ABSOLUTELY!

Miss the time when we were all together? ABSOLUTELY!


Wanna be his girlfriend? ABSOLUTELY!!!