Monday, 25 October 2010

One of reasons why I love EF Homestay

I joined EF Homestay for two times and I'm looking forward to join it for three more times next summer. Besides many reasons why I really love EF homestay, one thing that I love is EF Homestay makes me published in some medias. On February, Hai magazine interviewed me and published my story about my trip. And now, I got a task again from Mba Manda (EFLT people should know this lady because her big eyes, and I love it) to make an article about my last trip. And I made it, and gave it to Mba Manda, and there isn't any news about it. But my friends just mention me on twitter that she came to Prambors website, and she saw me! lol. Also wanna see my work? check this site out

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